~A Cache Of Jewels~


~~ Pave' Stone Jewelry ~~

~~ Swarovski stones used EXCLUSIVELY!! ~~

~Pave' Stoned Shoes!!~

These shoes were custom stoned in a full pave' style in Swarovski crystal aurora stones. The entire heel is stoned. The heel cup and the front is stoned just past the halfway point. This is done in this manner as this is a dance shoe for a competitive dancer. If stones were on the inside portion they would be knocked off and also interfere with the dancing technique needed for close footwork.

They can be reproduced, as is, or in any pattern and color on any style of shoe ~ sandal or pump~ with straps or without. It can be done on any shoe you own, providing they are in "like new" condition and are made of either leather or satin.

PRICE $ Based On Design

~Pave' Stoned Necklaces~

This is the first of 3 custom designed and hand made necklaces. They are each pave' stoned on a base of suede so that when being worn, slipping and twisting does not occur. Each is fitted to sit at the base of the throat, just covering the collarbone. The front of each is designed differently and can be custom designed to co-ordinate with a specific neckline of a very special evening gown.

PRICE $135.00

This necklace is similar to the one above, though it has a diamond shaping at the base of the throat.

PRICE $155.00

This necklace is from my own, personal collection. It is NOT FOR SALE, but it, or any other style can be custom designed and built.

PRICE $ Based On Design

~Stoned Hair Ornaments~

This is a large hair ornament, on a spring clip, done on clear plastic and using aurora stones of a variety of sizes. It is part of my personal collection and NOT FOR SALE, but shows the styles and techniques that can be designed and constructed.

This is a pale lavender plastic hair ornament on a spring clip. It is a beautiful Greek Key design measuring W 4 1/4" x H 2". It is highlighted with Swarovski crystal aurora stones in a variety of sizes.

PRICE $40.00

This is a simple rectangle orange bar on a spring clip, but it has been dressed up with Swarovski crystal aurora stones in a pattern, reminiscent of an American Indian design. It will dress up any occasion. It measures W 4" x H 1 3/8"

PRICE $65.00


This red hair ornament and its matching partner, in white, are of the same design, on a spring clip and both highlighted in the same way with Swarovski crystal aurora stones in graduated sizing. Their graceful curves are wonderful! They measure W 4 1/2" x H 1 3/4"



These two hair ornaments are also from my personal collection. Each is a very fine, thin mock tortoise shell with a good deal of cutwork to it, and has a fine bar closure. The aurora stones applied in a variety of sizes to maximize each design's potential. The larger of the two measures W 4" x H 2 1/2" and the smaller measures W 4" x H 1 1/2" They are meant to be added to a hair style after it is fully secured in place. These are NOT FOR SALE, but are great examples of the detailing able to be accomplished.

Stonework can be added to a pre-existing clip. Please enquire as to pricing for a custom order.

~Floral Hair Combs~

These are made of the highest quality silk flowers. Each is individually wired onto its comb. Ultra-fine aurora glitter can be added, for a small additional cost, at the customer's request, as a highlighting to make the flowers shine and glow for a more formal, evening design.

This is made of beautifully shaded blue hibiscus flowers. They flutter with the slightest breeze or movement and will be a truly feminine touch!

PRICE $22.00

These are brilliantly colored gentian violets with their yellow colored centers. They easily move with the smallest toss of the head or a very light breeze. They would look lovely to accent a bun or chignon hair style.

PRICE $18.00

~Stoned Earrings~

This is a stunning pair of sterling silver wire post earrings in a hoop shape. Each of the stones is set over two wires and they are on each side, in a sandwich effect. This is done to show the maximum flair. When viewed from far away, the wires disappear and the stones seem to be floating in midair.

PRICE $55.00

This is a fun set of earrings in brilliant red plastic, accented with Swarovski crystal aurora stones on the top and bottom in a fun zig-zag pattern. They are post style. They measure 7/8" diameter on the top portion and 1 3/4" diameter on the bottom with a 2 3/4" drop.

PRICE $ 18.00

Perfect for the summer... Palm fronds and orange wedges, highlighted by tiny aurora stones! These are made of plastic and have the hypo-allergenic plastic posts. They are actually very comfortable to wear. They measure 3/4" diameter at the top and H 2 3/4" x W 1 7/8" for the bottom portion with a 3 5/8" drop.

PRICE $25.00 ~ SOLD

These are dark, lipstick red earrings, made of a very lightweight metal that has been fully enameled, front and back. They are post style and are highlighted by a variety of aurora stones that pick up the light wonderfully! The top fan shape measures H 1" x W 1 3/4" and the bottom measures 1 5/8" diameter. The total drop is 2 5/8"

PRICE $20.00

Here's a really wonderful pair of earrings! They are made of chartreuse and pink plastic in an opened square shape. They are WILD!! The sides are highlighted with large aurora stones and the edges with very small ones, set side by side. They really glow!

PRICE $30.00

Custom designing is available at any time, so please feel free to ask.

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