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You can chase a butterfly all over the field and never catch it. But if you sit quietly in the grass it will come and sit on your shoulder. ~~ Anonymous

This oval locket and chain are exquisite! The floral design on the front is in extreamely heavy relief with elaborate detailing. There is one large flower in the center, surrounded by smaller ones at its rim. The chain is a very heavy double link style and has a safety style clasp. The finish, inside and out, has been very heavily vermeiled and is in PERFECT, never worn condition!

The locket measures L 1 5/8" x W 1 3/8" which allows for a good size picture on each side. The chain measures L 31"

ID# UL~0001 ~~ Price ~ $55.00

Are you a Leo, collect crosses or perhaps Old Middle English style? Well, this fits all of them perfectly! This is a bold, classic Maltese Cross with the ensignia of King Richard the Lion Hearted in the center. Made of solid copper and darkened in areas to give it more contrast, this weighty pendant is set on its own matching copper chain that has also been antiqued. It is in Excellent, lightly worn condition.

It measures 3 1/8" diameter.

ID# CON~0030 ~~ Price ~ $19.00 HOLD

Specifically made for Mother's Day, this pendant is dated 1979 on the back, in gold stamping, to match the soft finished metal frame that surrounds it. Delicately made of frosted finish, opaque glass in a soft white background and a lovely dusty pink rose, this would certainly be attractive for any mother! This brooch is in Lightly Worn condition. It has a loop at the top allowing it to be hung from a chain.

The pendant measures H 1 3/4" x W 1 1/2"

ID# SP~0012 ~~ Price ~ $18.00

This is a truly stunning and ultra-feminine necklace. Beautifully designed and manufactured this vermeil fluted chain and rhinestone edged double frame is perfectly suited for this wonderful composition cameo! There are 5 rhinestones at each of the long sides. It is in Excellent, never worn condition with a spring-ring style clasp on the chain.

It measures H 1 1/2" x W 1/2" with 18" chain

ID# UN~0069 ~~ Price ~ $15.00

This is an old glass Cameo. The background is black with a high polish and the Victorian depicted woman is frosted in the same black color. Her headdress and necklace with shoulder drapings are typically Victorian. The frame has a twisted rope motif and has been antiqued. It is made of either a base metal or steel. It is very difficult to tell. It is in Excellent, never worn condition with a loop at the top, allowing it to be hung from your favorite chain.

It measures H 2 1/8" x W 1 5/8"

ID# UP~0023 ~~ Price ~ $30.00

This wonderful Spread Wing American Eagle Spirit of '76 is from the Bicentennial celebration. The Eagle is marked AMERICAN PEWTER and the clasp on the chain is marked GERMANY.

This heavily vermeiled piece is very detailed, showing every feather and the body is in full relief. He holds a group of arrows in his talons. From the arrows are the plaques 1776 and 1976. The back is fully engraved. It is in Excellent, lightly worn condition with a slide style clasp.

Its wing-span is 2 3/4" x h 2" Chain 24"

ID# SN~0003 ~~ Price ~ $15.00

This is an eye-catching and unusually designed necklace that will certainly be a conversation piece!!

Made up of red, clear and blue slices of 1" diameter Venetian glass rods; these discs framed in open boxed designed chain. The connected by single, double and triple strand milleflore beads on goldtone linked chain with goldtone balls as accents. The bottom, center disc has 4 strands hanging from it. It is in Excellent, Never Worn condition with a barrel style clasp.

It measures L 26", Center disc with hanging beads L 4 1/4"

ID# UN-0015 -- Price - $45.00

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