These weavings I had done over the winter as presents. Each one is worked individually on either a triangular or square loom that I had built, myself.

The triangle was made of left over yarn and ultimately became a fish.

This square loomed one was made to be a baby blanket. It is a 3 foot square and the perfect size. I used homespun yarn in 2 shades of beautiful blues and blue-greens with long fringing on all sides. It would make the perfect lap rug to snuggle up under on a cold night to read a book!

Here's a picture to illustrate how changing the yarn, using the same pattern, can change Elizabeth Zimmerman's Suprise Baby Jacket from a newborn size to a size for a 1-2 year old. The colorations are very similar, but the smaller was made from Red Heart SOFT varigated and the second was made using Bernat's varigated. Both were wonderful to use, but the Bernat was a heavier yarn with a slight twist to it, so it worked up almost into a bulky weight sweater. Both are GREAT!!


NEW!!! Now all of these knitting projects have my own, easy to follow patterns available for sale!! Please be sure your email has the subject line filled out so that you don't remain in my SPAM box. If you wish a hard copy mailed to you I usually use Priority, First class w/Insurance is also available - or you can pay me with PayPal and I can email the instructions as an attachment, but this means you have to print it out and I will not be responsible for failures due to printer or email malfunctions. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have.

This is my first attempt at a knitted purse that was then felted. It was made from 4 colors of wool in a striped pattern. The drawstring closures also follow the stripes in the bag.

It was a fun project. Below you will also see other designs and a number of other styles in other colors and yarns. Eventually, I will use many different yarns and techniques of knitting. The felting process is fascinating and I can't wait to see how it creates different possibilities using an endless variety of stitches to create different textures. Each manufacturer of yarn, as well as different colors also will add to the overall interest. The possibilities should be endless!

I call this first one Sunset #1. It measures aproximately 8"(l)x 6" (d)x 9"(h) This style can easily be made double it's length and depth for a larger tote bag that can carry just about everything!

This second one is an evening clutch. It measures aproximately 9 1/2" (w) x 7 3/4" (h) which is about the size of an oversized paperback book. With a fancy brooch attached to the front of the overflap, it would be fantastic at any party. I did not attach a chain to be used over the shoulder, as I never use one, but it could easily be attached.

This one is made from an entirely different yarn and is a bit "fuzzier" as a result. The varigation is already spun into the yarn, so there is no control over where and how the stripes occur. They are entirely random. It is a very wonderful effect! No two purses will ever be alike, not only because of color choices, but using different yarns, such as wool, Alpaca, mohair, or even Angora as well as different manufacturers will make a difference in the final appearance and size of the finished project.

This pattern is circularly knitted and includes easy to follow instructions for all 3 sizes.

PATTERN PRICE ~ $6.00 + shipping.

These 3 Barrel Bags are knitted with a cotton yarn that is not felted. The largest would make a great tote to take to a pool party or the beach. It measures approximately 8 inches in diameter and stands approximately 12 inches tall. The medium size is almost 3 inches smaller and makes the perfect purse. The smallest is approximately 2 inches smaller then the medium and is perfect for an evening bag, especially if you use a fancier yarn. It is very appealing to the eye with the variety of stitches making a circular pattern.. The ruffle at the top is very feminine.

This pattern is circularly knitted and includes easy to follow instructions for all 3 sizes.

PATTERN PRICE ~ $8.00 + shipping.

Concentric Squares/Rectangles Baby Blanket

Here is the wonderful baby blanket which I named Consentric Squares/Rectangles Blanket. The reason is because as you change yarns, or you change the gauge your squares may become rectangles. It's a great blanket either way! It's soft, lightweight and has great 3-dimentional features making it look complex, but it's so easy to knit up it will take you no time at all. The baby you see is Ari and he is loving every minute of his time on it.

PATTERN PRICE ~ $8.00 + shipping


Illusion Knitting is unusual in that you are using two colors of yarn, alternating them every two rows and manipulating where the knit stitches and the purl stitches are to create a hologram effect with the design. One minute you see only stripes and the next you see the design you have knitted. It is a real "Eye-Catcher" and will be the perfect conversation piece to add to your wardrobe or home decor.

This first one is a fringed scarf I made for my girlfriend for St. Patrick's Day, for her birthday. It is done in an acrylic worsted weight yarn in a medium green and white. The pattern includes easy to follow instructions and the chart for the shamrocks.

PATTERN PRICE ~ $8.00 + shipping


This is the first of many in my new line of Judaica Illusion Knitted designs. All of these patterns will be for sale along with any of the items you see above.

This is a styled along the lines of a European Market Bag. You could easily use it for a shopping bag or a tote bag as it is large enough to carry just about anything easily. This sample was knitted out of a worsted weight in medium blue and white. The front is the Israeli Flag and the back is done in a Half-Linen Stitch. The pattern includes easy to follow instruction sheets and the graph of the design. It measures 20hx13w finished.

PATTERN PRICE ~ $9.00 + shipping


I have a new Illusion Knit project in the works right now,which could also be used as either a blanket or a wall hanging, which I right now call The Chanukah Miracle Blanket. I will be posting it as soon the sample is completed.

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