Sandra's Space - Thanks For Visiting!!

A Bit About Me...
I'm a bit new to Ebay, but I promise to have interesting, wonderful things for you to bid on!

I have been in fashion, costuming and antiques all of my life... It all started... with my Mother's mother owning a Bridal Shop, long before I was born... growing up learning all about sewing, beading and fashion from the time I was old enough to put pins back in the pin cushions... to designing costumes for the Village People and competitve skaters and Ballroom and Latin dancers as I was also a competitor for many years! My Father's mother brought out the love of costume jewelry as she collected hers from every corner of the world, along with her fabulous music boxes, which we all treasure!

Through all of this time, since a very young girl, I always loved our family heirlooms and dressing up in both my grandmother's jewels and fancy dresses so I was destine for costumes, fashion, collectables and antiques!

Who I Am (with red hair for the moment)

What I Will Offer You...
I will be offering many interesting, fun and unusual pieces of jewelry, and other collectables and antiques as I go along. I'm a member of Jewelcollect, so you will see the JC on all of my items.

I can promise the different, the unusual and the not so comonplace to represent the majority of my offerings, so please check back regularly or you may miss something GRAND!!

Favorite Links
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