A Cache of Jewels

~~~ Spring Sets ~~~

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Spring comes: the flowers learn their colored shapes ~ Maria Konopnicka

Beauty, sophistication and elegance, all rolled up into one magnificent set. This set of earrings and a brooch, signed by c KRAMER (the copyright is on a separate plate from the actual signature, on its own raised rectangular plate, below) is a beauty! It is a floral design, with the front textured in ultra-fine Diamond dust. In the center is a raised prong cultured pearl of excellent color and quality. The earrings have an extra bit of interest to them, which is an additional high gloss finished accent, forming the center of the flower around the pearl. The edges of the goldtone are also polished to a very high gloss for contrast and the back of this is stipple engraved, for a very high quality appearance. The overall condition of this set is very good. The brooch and one earring does show a small amount of wear, but nothing that would detract from wearing it proudly. The earrings have clip style backs and the brooch has the safety clasp style closure.

The dimension of the brooch is 2" diameter and the earrings are 1 1/4" in diameter.

ID# SS~0011 ~~ Price ~ $45.00

These next two sets were made by the same Norwegian manufacturer. Each is signed with the greater and less than signed ( < > ) overlapping each other. I have no idea who this is, but would love to hear. They are also marked Sterling 925 S. The are gold flashed over the sterling and exquisitely enameled. The only difference in the sets is their coloring. They are both in Excellent, never worn condition with safety style closures on the brooches and are screw style earrings that can easily be made into hanging posts or wires.

The brooch measures W 2" x H 7/8" and the earrings hang 1"

SS~0015 is the Deep Green leaf with the Pale Yellow tulips.

ID# SS~0015 ~~ Price ~ $52.00

SS~0016 is the Turquoise leaf with the pale Ivory tulips.

ID# SS~0016 ~ Price ~ $52.00

With these Bluebirds of Happiness you will have good luck always! The workmanship of these beautiful birds is the finest Norway has to offer! Marked with a Sterling Silver mark assayed at 925 and the manufacturer from Norway with an "M" superimposed over an "S" the pieces are exceptionally crafted. Each bird is made 3-dimensionally and enameled in a lovely blue. The accent marks and edgings of their wings and beaks and eyes are of gold washed Sterling. This set is in Never Worn condition.

The brooch measures H 1 1/2" x W 1 1/2" x D 1" with a safety style clasp. Each clip style earring measures H 1" x W 1" x D 1/2"

ID# SS~0017 ~~ Price ~ $55.00 HOLD

This is a magnificent set of earrings and brooch by Royal Adderley of England in Bone China. Though the flowers of the brooch are not identical to the earrings I can not bear to see them parted, unless absolutely necessary. They are amazingly realistic and very 3-dimensional, with the flowers forming a wonderful, mounded floral bouquet. The Earrings are Forget-Me-Nots, still in their original box, and the Brooch is a bouquet of what may be Iris. The pale blue to white coloration is exactly the same in both and all are the same tri-corner shaping due to their brilliant green leaves. The centers of the Forget-Me-Nots are a very pale yellow. All are in Never Worn condition. The earrings are clip on style and the brooch has a safety style closure.

They are equilateral triangles, with the earrings measuring 1" on each side, and the brooch 1 1/4"

ID# SS~0032 ~~ Price ~ $80.00

This is a most unusual set. Simple and interesting, it would be the perfect gift to give a young girl!! It's silvertone base metal necklace is a double link chain, ending with an X-shaped design. There is a floral decal in pale pinks and lavenders as the flowers, with stems and leaves in a light green, on a white plastic oval that has been framed in a beautifully chased, bezel setting. The matching one, directly below, is linked to swing freely. Below, at the ends of the "X" is an etched, swag chain. The earrings match the necklace perfectly, and swing freely from their clips. This set is in excellent condition, having been worn very lightly and stored carefully throughout the years. The necklace has a hook at one end and a ball at the other end of the chain. The earrings are a clip style, that could easily be changed to pierced by replacing the clip with either a post or wire.

ID# US~0036 ~~ Price ~ $16.00

This is Lisner elegance and sophistication at it's very best! A graceful rhodium setting of leaves with pave' set rhinestones and faux pearls for flowers with prong set rhinestones at each side of the top of the pearl. The earrings are a tapered, spiral designed. The chain is made of a long oval loop, alternating with a round one and a heavy teardrop shaped weight at the end. The condition of this set is Excellent, never worn. The earrings have clip style backs and the necklace is a Hook and Chain style closure.

The dimension of the necklace is L 12 3/4" ~ 16 1/2" x w 3/4" and the earrings measure L 1" x W 5/8"

ID# SS~0030 ~~ Price ~ $45.00

These next two sets are all hand blown Venetian glass, from the island of Murano. They are VERY OLD, purchased in the early 1930's, but may have been a bit older. They were wrapped in tissue paper so old that was literally crumbling when I unwrapped them and the cello tape was yellowed and brittle. They are all strung on very fine (possibly high C) piano wire (or it may even be violin strings...), though they used gut not long after that, and then either linen, silk and ever ultra fine chain soon after.

VENS~0005 is a lovely, deep pink polka-dot glass.

ID# VENS~0005 ~~ Price ~ $55.00

VENS~0007 is a swirled white and clear bead with a lovely, feminine rose colored "flower" layered into the glass.

ID# VENS~0007 ~~ Price ~ $70.00