Just a few quick shots... along the way...

Here I am saying my last goodbye to my Mommy Jenna's mom at the show.

Checking out the situation on the way to the car... to my new HOME!!!

My first weekend home... What's going on guys?????


This ball game is FUN!!

Mommy says I have to wear this hat (Shhh... it's really a snood) to protect my ears...

This ring thing is neat!!

Is there a trick to this thing??? HELP!!!


My first snow.. 2 Feet!!! YEA!!!

Stay tuned... There's always more ahead!!

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Are you in need of Stylish Fashions for your long-eared dog? Cookie and Sutter have something just for you!!

I now have my own AWARDS PAGE!!

If you are interested in more information about Springer Spaniels or to adopt an English Springer Spaniel and learn about the Rescue Organizations please visit the English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island

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