Here's MY Girl Cookies~N~Cream!!

And her Very Best Friends!

My friend Pat and I went to the Liberty Dog Show in Liberty State Park, N.J. to pick her up from her breeder Barbara Czarzasty of Quaker Farms in Connecticut.

To make the transition for Cookie easier Pat brought her 2 wonderful dogs to help Auntie Sandi prepare for Cookie's arrival to her new home.

This is her Scarlett. She's a recovering stroke victim, a wonderful "strawberry blonde" Cairn Terrier. She has a wonderful disposition and nothing gets her down.

And here's Scarlett's adopted, younger brother Bailey. He is a black and white broken-coat Jack Russell Terrier. He's still a brat at 3 but loads of fun! As you can see he loves playing "dress-up" with mommy Pat!!

Both of them taught her the lay~of~the~land here. They told her how importiant it is to check the fenceline every day... How to chase squirrels and chipmunks in her big back yard, how to bark at the golfers over the fence and ruin their tee shot with a well timed YIP! They also gave plenty of moral support (with me above and Pat helping place her paws and the ocassional push on the rear) in learning to climb the stairs and which doors to use for the backyard and which for leash walking! Everything a dog could want in a friend!
They all wanted to have their picture taken together, but it took so long to get things set up they were all tuckered out!

Right now, at 13 weeks, Cookie is about their size, but on their return trip in about a month I'm sure they will wonder where their little friend has gone and who replaced her.

Click on the Springer for more pictures! She's growing fast!!

If you are interested in more information about Springer Spaniels or to adopt an English Springer Spaniel and learn about the Rescue Organizations please visit the English Springer Spaniel Club of Long Island

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