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Whether you are a Republican, Democrat or just a lover of elephants, this piece is a work of art! Signed Warner, this is a marvelous combination of rhodium plating with a multitude of individually prong-set Swarovski crystal rhinestones, 4 layers deep. The very realistically molded elephant and his surrounding ring is vermeil plated for a brilliant accent! He even has his trunk up for good luck!!

It measures 1 3/4" in diameter and stands 1/2" high.

It is in Excellent, Never Worn condition. It has a safety style closure.

ID# SBRO~0083 ~~ Price ~ $75.00

Are you a Democrat? Here's a donkey, just for you! This is a wonderful pendant on a heavy, twisted open rope chain. Interestingly constructed in a heavy, textured, rhodium plate, his forelock is of a twisted, open fretwork and his eyes are bright Ruby glass cabachons. He looks ready to take on any and all opponents!

He measures h 3 1/4" x w 1 3/4" The rope chain measures 24"

It is in Excellent, Never Worn condition. The chain has a spring ring safety style closure.

ID# UN~0071 ~~ Price ~ $25.00

This is a truly lovely dove of peace, signed Monet, this is a marvelously made bird! It's tail is double-hinged to it's body, the framing of a heavy vermeil plating. The twisted beads are all of a very fine plastic, while the cabachon that makes up his breast is of glass. his eyes are white cabachons also. Between the large, teardrop shaped beads and the smaller round spacers are fluted goldtone ones. At the inner edge of his wings are small, factetd gold beads, next to the hanging round white ones. He moves so much he looks as though he could take wing and fly!

The dove measures h 4 1/4" x w 3" and the necklace 21" - 23 1/2" adjustable.

It is in Excellent, Lightly Worn condition with a hook and chain closure. There is only one matching earring that is a clip style. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to find it's mate.

ID# SS~0029 ~~ Price ~ $25.00

Here's a real Republican campaign trouper for you! This happy-go-lucky elephant is raring to go!!Though he is unsigned, his workmanship is exceptional. He has a teriffic combination of rhodium plating, high gloss accented against a stippled finish, with his trunk trumpeting in delight and his faceted Ruby glass eye twinkling.

It measures h 1 5/8" x w 1 3/4"

It is in Excellent, Never Worn condition. It has a safety style closure.

ID# UBRO~0072 ~~ Price ~ $12.00

Will this handsome fella make you want to get out and vote? he's all dressed up for the campaign trail. I'm sure his trunk is already packed! He's ready to hit the road with is red head and his white body and his blue coat with it's white stars. These are all enameled on a vermeil background, accented throughout!!

He measures h 2" x w 2 3/8" chain length 24" and the bail adds an extra 3/8" length.

It is in Excellent, Never Worn condition. It has a spring ring safety style closure.

ID# UN~0070 ~~ Price ~ $38.00 ~ HOLD

Want an elephant with a bit more subtlty and style? He's for you. Vermeil plated with a black glass body, he's still ready to make his presence known. His trunk up for good luck and he has a smile on his face!!

It measures w 1 3/4" x h 1" high.

It is in Excellent, Never Worn condition. It has a safety style closure and the pinback fits very snugly.

ID# UBRO-0124 -- Price - $14.00

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