~~ A Cache of Jewels ~~



This is the perfect pinwheel brooch! It is heavily rhodium plated and set with large and medium foil-back round, fully faceted rhinestones. This really sparkles!

It measures 1 3/4" in diameter.

It is in Excellent, Never Worn condition with a safety style clasp.

ID# UBRO~0048 ~~ Price ~ $11.00

These earrings are TONS of FUN! Made up of loops of faceted plastic beads, divided by small vermeil plated spacer beads on a 3/4 round frame. The colors include Ruby, Emerald, Royal Purple, Fuchsia and bright Orange. They will light up anyone's day!

They measure L 3 7/8" x w 1 1/4" x h 1"

They are in Excellent, Never Worn condition with clip style closures with the padding attached.

ID# UBRO~0074 ~~ Price ~ $14.00

Made in the late 1940's ~ early 1950's it's Jonquil stones are double faceted to give off intense refraction. The setting is copper, with the smaller stones surrounding the largest ones and a medium size one in the center. All stones are prong set.

It measures 1 1/2" in diameter with a high crowning.

It is in Excellent, Lightly Worn condition. One of the large stones has a slight shearing of one side facet, but is virtually invisible and does not in any way detract from its appearance or power. It is made with a safety style clasp.

ID# UBRO~0098 ~~ Price ~ $22.00

Typical of the 1940's design, this "Fireworks" display is in a wide range of colors of cut crystal stones. It is set in a silvertone basemetal setting. Colors include: ruby, emerald, gold topaz, rose, peridot, light sapphire and aquamarine. Cuts include round, oval and diamond shapes. This is an open-backed setting and all stones are prong-set.

It measures 1 1/8" in diameter

These clip style earrings are in Excellent, Never Worn condition.

ID# UE~0012 ~~ Price ~ $35.00

This is an eye-catching and unusually designed necklace that will certainly be a conversation piece!!

Made up of red, clear and blue slices of 1" diameter Venetian glass rods; these discs framed in open boxed designed chain. The connected by single, double and triple strand Millefiori beads on goldtone linked chain with goldtone balls as accents. The bottom, center disc has 4 strands hanging from it.

It measures L 26", Center disc with hanging beads L 4 1/4"

It is in Excellent, Never Worn condition with a barrel style clasp.

ID# UN~0015 ~~ Price ~ $45.00

These are beautiful vermeil sprays with articulated faux pearl and rhinestone clusters. Pearls are pin set and rhinestones prong-set. The earrings' reverse sides are engraved and the front has a granulation effect that creates a special sparkle.

The measure w 3/4" x h 1 1/4"

It is in Excellent, Never Worn condition. These are clip style earrings.

ID# UE~0033 ~~ Price ~ $20.00

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