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With the beginning of May starts our time to proudly display our flag ~ This is my tribute to all the men and women, past , present and future, who fight for FREEDOM and LIBERTY throughout all times!!

Welcome to my A Cache' Of Jewels Annex! This site allows me to be creative in what I present to you and I hope you enjoy it. I try and change it with each coming season.

I have been a collector and dealer in Antique & Vintage Costume Jewelry for many years now, having inherited my love for it from my grandmothers on both sides of my family. I have now begun to branch out into selling other small pieces that are unusual and interesting that I have been attracted to for many years and are now overflowing my home. I also, occasionally, have pieces on consignment from friends that are still computer challenged. I hope you find something you are interested in with me!!

Using the links below, please enjoy the Seasonal jewelry and other fun items I have put up, with the Patriotic theme in mind, my Custom Designed Business Card Cases... Also, I hope you will take the time to visit my Award winning web site, A Cache' Of Jewels Museum Site, for some wonderful jewels to buy and interesting historical information along the way. Also, please feel free to visit my Ebay About Me Page for those things I have listed at auction on Ebay. I also have auctions listed on Yahoo and on TAM Auction for even more of my great offerings!

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